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First artist interview.......

Here is the first of many interviews I'll be doing this year with our Phat Fiber artists. I've had this idea brewing for quite some time but just wasn't quite sure how to implement it & reach as many of our customers as possible until I started this blog. So here goes........I asked the artists a series of questions and here's what they said. I hope you enjoy getting to know them all & be sure to visit their sites for additional info.

Meet Wild Hair Studio!!!

When & how did you get interested in the fiber arts?

My sheep flock started out as a 4-H project over 20 years ago. After that first pair of ewes, I was hooked. Since then my flock has grown and changed, but steadily became more fleece/fiber oriented. In 2008, I started working with the Romeldale/CVM breed. They are a wonderful breed from the shepherding standpoint, but also produce exceptional wool. They sparked my interest in working with heritage breeds and those breeds identified as endangered or threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Most of my flock is Romeldale/CVM sheep, but I have a small group of Leicester Longwool sheep, crossbred sheep, and Gotland sheep. Leicester Longwool is another breed listed as endangered by the Livestock Conservancy. The Gotland sheep are relatively new to America, but through an upgrading program there are now several flocks of Gotland in the country. My fiber arts interest grew out of a desire to do something with all the wool I had.

What are some of your favorite things about the fiber arts?

I love dyeing. I think I could dye fiber all day every day. Dyeing is a fun, creative experience for me. I am an avid spinner. Spinning is one of those actives that is very relaxing for me. I started out spindle spinning and I spin both drop and support spindles. I also spin on a wheel. My Kiwi 3 is my favorite wheel. I do some crocheting and weaving. I vend at a couple of local, semi-local festivals. I rely more on my online shop to reach a broader audience.

How long have you been a PF contributor?

I started several years ago, but was not very active. I have been a fairly regular contributor for the past 2 or 3 years. At the present I work an off farm, full time job. My dream would be for my fiber business to reach a point that it could be my full time job. I think everyone has that dream of having a job they love.

Wild Hair Studio is also an official Shave 'em to Save 'em fiber supplier for Romeldale/CVM and Leicester Longwool. To learn more about the Shave'em to Save e'm program click here

Wild Hair Studio can be found at the following links. Be sure to like, share and follow!

Etsy Shop: Wild Hair Studio

Fiber Crafty Shop: Wild Hair Studio

Website: Wild Hair Studio

Instagram: Wild Hair Studio

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