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Good Morning! How is everyone doing?

We're you able to get your July Sampler this past week? They sure sold out fast this time! We've been doing a pre-sale a few days before the sale because the weekends seem to be the busiest time that folks are away from their computers and we don't want anyone to miss out. If you didn't get one don't worry I am doing some giveaways and if you enter you just might win!! Every day for the next 5 days there will be a new giveaway shared. They are hosted by King Sumo which I'll post a link here but just be sure to check your email because there will be an email from them that you will need to confirm your entry. So without delay here is your first one! Oh, and did I mention that I will double your entries for any purchases you make with the artist this week. All you need to do is comment on this post with your order # and if you like you can share photos or a little more about what you've picked out :) Thank you everyone and have a great day!!

Our first giveaway is this gorgeous mini batt from Plum Crazy Fiber Art

Enter here to win

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Yvonne Gauntt
Yvonne Gauntt
30 de jul. de 2020

I just placed an order for some really pretty looking fiber. Order # 1717946046 for Tiger Eye Art yarn spinning fiber variety bag, baby alpaca + silk, baby camel + silk, handpainted blue and green yak + silk, and a mix of baby camel, alpaca, silk and merino.I can hardly wait to touch it!

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