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Good Morning! Today while on my virtual vacation I find myself in Canada! Home of Fairy Tale wool!

Today's giveaway is a 100 gr Organic Merino braid, naturally dyed by Fairy Tale Wool. All dyeing is done with natural dye substances such as onion skins, madder root, annatto seed, indigo, logwood, fustic, osage, sander wood, marigold, henna, walnut hulls, rhubarb root, cocheneal and lac. She dyes in small batches of 500g, and shades can be subject to slight variations due to seasonally changing ph in their wonderful water on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Even changes in growing conditions of the dye plants can have an effect on the dyes. Some plants can be grown in their garden, such as onion skins, marigolds, walnuts, poke berries and rhubarb, but all others come from warmer climates. Although here etsy shop is on vacation until August 10th, there is a ton of information on her website about her products and dyeing process. Be sure to bookmark it and add it to your favorites, her products are top quality and we appreciate her being a part of Phat Fiber. Enter below for a chance to win!

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