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Happy New Year!!!!!!

We want to thank you all for being a part of Phat Fiber, we truly appreciate each and everyone of you & wish you a wonderful year of great happiness, health & creative fun. This holiday season we had our first ever card exchange and it went so well! I had such a great time getting cards in the mail, it was the perfect cheerful pick me up especially needed this time of year. Thank you again to everyone who participated, I know we brought a lot of smiles across the USA & we will be sure to do it again next year.

I'm so excited because we have so many new things coming for you in 2021 that I can't wait to share! Our very first announcement is that we will be offering a recurring monthly subscription program for our newsletter subscribers. At the beginning of each month we will be opening up a limited number of spots for folks to sign up so you will be guaranteed to get your Sampler each and every month. We will still be offering our regular sale on a first come first serve basis as in the past, however we just wanted to bring you the monthly option as it has been requested by many of you :)

Oh and guess what? This month marks the 12th year for Phat Fiber! WOOHOO!!!!! We will be celebrating in style with our Purple Themed Sampler this month, it's going to be great! If you haven't signed up for the monthly option be sure to mark you calendar for the sale date, Saturday January 23rd and watch our blog this month as we will have a some great giveaways! Much love to all of you! Click here to sign up for the Monthly Phat Fiber Subscription Sampler

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