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introducing Jennifer with queen conch rare breed fibers

Welcome to our series of interviews with our Phat Fiber Artists. Today I want to introduce you to Jennifer with Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers. I asked the artists a series of questions so you, the Phat Fiber fans can get to know them better!

Here's what Jennifer shared with me......

When & how did you get interested in the fiber arts? I began knitting because I saw a wrap I liked and figured why not. I began spinning because I could not find what I wanted. I started my business because I figured I couldn't be the only one who wanted rare breeds and wool other than merino, BFL, or Romney

What are some of your favorite things about the fiber arts?

Spinning, dyeing, knitting,weaving, crocheting, making notions, vending at festivals. The animals are my favorite! I love their history and how sheep and wool have be critical in the survival of humanity through out history.

How long have you been a PF contributor?

I've been a member of PF for about 4yrs. I only contribute sporadically because much of my fiber is on the coarse side and not widely appreciated yet, however it is extremely rare and endangered so I love sharing the experience. Many folks find the wool and history fascinating but perhaps not colorful and bright. My goal is to keep these breeds alive, on the radar of wool lovers & bringing the appreciation of true wool back to spinners and knitters. The obsession with merino and superwash fibers is killing many farms and destroying the lives of rare breed "unimproved sheep". Unimproved meaning those not bred for factory level wool production, and still maintain ancient qualities of a real herd such as natural colors, shedding out wool, disease resistance and strong hearty lambs with good maternal instincts.

Is there anything else that you would like to share?

Some breeds in my Etsy shop are only available from me. I have yarn and wool from some German breeds that have less than 500 animals left on Earth.

Where to find Queen Conch Rare Breed Fibers:

*** I also wanted to add that Jennifer is participating in the Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em Initiative through the Livestock Conservancy & has a huge variety of wools in her shop that are on the rare breed directory*** I'll do another post on this but wanted to share this bit with you :)


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