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January Giveaways & more!

For those of you who purchased this month your Sampler should be arriving any day now. We know that with covid the mail has slowed simply because of the increase of online shopping so we are hoping there wont be much of a delay; we have had pretty good luck with your packages arriving so far as expected. We didn't get so lucky with our printed Phat Fiber mailers though :( so some of you may see that your package will arrive in a purple mailer instead. Our fingers are crossed that our printed ones will be here soon!

If you missed out and weren't able to purchase a Sampler this month, they are selling quickly :) be sure to watch your email mid month and follow our blog for the sale announcement date. This year we are trying something new and opening up a limited number of recurring monthly subscriptions for our Samplers during the 1st-11th of each month. We will still have our sale to the public as before however this is allowing us to analyze our numbers better so we can increase the amount of Samplers that we have available each month. Our goal is that everyone who wants one will be able to purchase one.

Now onto the giveaways! We have a gorgeous skein of Phat Yarn, our Phat Fiber Purple Blend Braid, Handmade Hollows mini batt, the Foldout Cat mini batts, Plum Crazy Fiber Arts Felting kit and Vortex Yarns gorgeous Yarn. Be sure to click on each one below to enter & share. To receive 10 bonus entries be sure to come back to this blog after you visit our contributors sites and mention one product that is your favorite and for 20 extra entries let us know if your purchased from any of our contributors this month by posting which product you purchased. Thank you all so much & have a great day!!


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