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Welcome 2020! Happy Phativersay! Did you know that this month marks our 11th year in business?

It's such an exciting time to be a part of Phat Fiber. This year I plan to bring you an exciting year of fabulous samples, giveaways, and more! I am so thankful for all of our loyal followers and contributors as well as all that Phat Fiber has brought to the fiber community over the years. It's an exciting time to be in our Phat Phamily and we welcome everyone! Our hope is that this year is the most fantastic one for you. For our theme this month we chose "2020 Futuristic Visions" and isn't that just a perfect way to start off the new year? When you watch our preview videos on YouYube you will see a beautiful array of fibers, yarns and notions that are mostly in blue colorways with other complimentary colors. You will also get the chance to win your very own FREE SAMPLER if you listen in for the "Secret Giveaway Phrase." In order to win simply subscribe to our Phat Fiber channel, listen for the Secret Phrase and then when I comment "Secret Phrase Now" in the blog comments below, the first person to comment after me is the winner! Our video or this month will go live this evening appr 8pm PST

Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Don't worry though if you aren't the free sampler winner I also have some awesome giveaways that will be done here on the blog. First up is Mad Angel Creations. Paula has so generously sent in a set of 2 non-superwash, hand plied, 80% Wool, 20% Camel 3 ply fingering weight skeins. They are dyed in her gorgeous Cafe Noir and Cafe Crema colorways! Each skein contains 240 yards and would make a dynamite pair of striped socks. Her etsy store is a delight to visit. It is stocked full of dyed yarns, handspun yarn, fiber batts and hand knit accessories. She is also offering free shipping so now is a great time to shop! Be sure to tell her that Phat Fiber sent you!

Our second giveaway for this month is a set of 6 stitch markers and buttons from our very own Gloria Patre! She created these out of this world markers and I just love them! Who am I kidding though I absolutely love all of the stitch markers she makes. I have never seen a store stocked so full of so many different choices! Markers, buttons and more! She has been with Phat Fiber since the very beginning and we love having her in our family! We will be giving away 5, yes I said "5" sets of these to our lucky winners. Be sure to enter the link below and check your email for the follow up email to make sure your entries are complete. Good luck everyone!

Thank you again everyone for being here! The Giveaways have just started and the YouTube Video will be live tonight appr 8pm. Be sure to tune in for the "secret phrase" for your chance to win a free full size Sampler. Have a great day!!!! Oh and the Sampler goes on sale this Saturday the 18th, mark your calendars! Much love, XO! Carla

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