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Winners & the Spin Together competition

The Wheel of Names has chosen our 4 winners for The Practical Spinners Guide books that were our feature giveaway this month. Everyone who purchased a Sampler this month was entered. Congratulations to Georgiana, Patsy, Leta and Yvonne. Your books will be in the mail tomorrow!

Now. let's talk about SPIN TOGETHER! In light of Spinzilla being cancelled a group of fiber artists/business owners created a similar friendly spinning competition that will take place online from October 6th through October 12th and we have created a group "Phat Fiber Spinners." The response to the event in the spinning community has been fantastic! At the last count about 10 days ago there have been 25 teams signed up and over $5,000 value in prizes that have been donated. Each team can have 25 members so we are inviting anyone who is interested to sign up on the Spin Together website starting September 1st. We'd love for you to choose our group but there are plenty of other ones to choose from also. Prizes will be given out in the following categories; highest amount of yardage spun, most beautiful yarn, most wild yarn, plus more. There is a ton of info on their website so I'd encourage you to check it out and see what it's all about. Katherine with Jager and Yarn has come forward to be our Team Captain and she will be the one to report our yardage in every evening as well as run our Facebook group for the event. In regards to the sign up we cannot hold spaces for anyone (per the rules) it is a first come first sign up kind of deal. I have no idea how fast teams will fill up but if you'd like to be on ours I'd suggest you sign up as soon as sign ups open on Sept 1st. I'll be chatting with Katherine about offering some of our own prizes within our group, sponsored by Phat Fiber and if there are any artists that would like to donate a prize just reach out to me and I'll get it all set up. I'm super excited about it and look forward to this fun friendly event. If anyone has any questions or concerns you can reach out to me at I think there are some super serious spinners out there who will spin a ton of yardage but I'm pretty sure I see our group as a pretty relaxed one :) If you want to have some fun with us then come along and join us. See ya soon!

Here's a link to the Spin Together Website where you can find out more & a direct link or the Team Sign Up Page. Just scroll down to where you see Phat Fiber and click Join this Team

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