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Take notes while viewing a drawing, in other words, “markup as you go.” The new Markup Assistant adds assistance to this process by letting you mark up drawings while viewing them, and easily record the marked changes.A command-line utility and a desktop application provide access to the Markup Assistant. Each application comes with its own command-line utility.Autodesk hosts videos of the Markup Assistant on its YouTube channel:New 2D and 3D UIGet to grips with the latest AutoCAD improvements with this tutorial video.AutoCAD ImprovementsAutoCAD simplifies drawing with a new user interface.An all-new Ribbon provides enhanced command and parameter completion to help you get to your drawings’ quickest results more efficiently.The UI reflects the way AutoCAD users interact with the application. For example, you can see your drawings as two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) by selecting from the View menu. You can also interact with AutoCAD drawings by clicking to highlight, snapping to, and rotating around objects.With the new UI, AutoCAD users can now also:Create and edit CAD drawings as a 2D or 3D modelCreate geometry with one drawing (2D) or two (3D)Assign and modify toolsPrint drawings to paper or PDFTake notesView properties of drawingsAccess features and commands in an easier and more streamlined wayThe new UI also helps users with new AutoCAD capabilities. For example, you can quickly and easily:Create and edit a 3D model using a single 2D drawingRely on dynamic property settings without continually switching viewsUse a new workspace for your drawingsRely on Dynamic Input dialogues for faster data entryNote that the new UI is only available in AutoCAD 2023. To receive AutoCAD 2023 and the new UI:Save your drawing file as a 2018 or earlier file type.If you want the new UI for future releases, you can use the latest 2019 UI without replacing your existing file type.To download the current version of the UI, see the link below.AutoCAD Improvements Coming in AutoCAD 2023Addressing the Changing Needs of AutoCAD UsersAutodesk 2be273e24d

AutoCAD PC/Windows [March-2022]

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